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Broome County Oral History project

Identifier: BUSC-1980-002

Scope and Contents

The Broome County Oral History project was conceived and administered by the Senior Services Unit of the Office for the Aging. Funding for this project was provided by the Broome County Office of Employment and Training (C.E.T.A.), with additional funding from the Senior Service Unit of the National Council on Aging and Broome County government.

The aim of this project was two-fold – to obtain historical information about life in Broome County, which would be useful for researchers and teachers, and to provide employment for older persons of a limited income. The oral history interviews were obtained between November 1977 and September 1978 and were conducted by five interviewers under the supervision of the Action for Older Persons Program.

The collection contains 75 interviews and transcriptions, 77 cassette tapes, and a subject index containing names of individuals associated with specific subject terms. One transcribed interview does not have an accompanying audio recording.

In 2005 Binghamton University Libraries’ Special Collections Department participated in the New York State Audiotape Project, which undertook preservation reformatting of the audiotapes and the creation of compact discs for patron use.

Several interviews do not have release forms and cannot be reviewed.

Copies of the recordings and transcriptions cannot be made.

Transcriptions and streaming audio are available via Omeka.


  • 1977 - 1978


3 Linear Feet

Language of Materials



This collection includes audio recordings and transcriptions from the Broome County Oral History project, conceived and administered by the Senior Services Unit of the Broome County Office for the Aging between November 1977 and September 1978. Transcriptions and streaming audio are available via Omeka.

Arrangement of Materials

Audio recordings and transcriptions are arranged alphabetically by last name of interviewee.

CDs are located in Media Cabinet 3, Drawer 1. Original cassettes are located with the transcriptions.


References in this index are made to those who were interviewed in this oral history project.

Subject: Person(s) Interviewed

African-Americans: Alston, Fawcett, Oldwine, Payne

Airplanes: Hanifin, Johnson

Amahami Girl Scout Camp: Titchener

American Legion: Benson

Ansco: Alston, Templeton

Apples: Brotzman

Austrians: Warski

Automobiles: Isenburg

Aviation (all phases): Link

Barbershop: DiVittori

Baseball Player : Hallahan

Bakeries: Buran, Spisak                                       

Beauty Parlor: Borsuk

Banking: Kuryla

Bee keeping: Brotzman

Bennett, Fred & Family: Land

Bicentennial of Revolution: Woodward

Binghamton City Engineer: McNamara

Binghamton Public Library: Fawcett

Black Powder Blasting: Gruss

Boiler Fireman: Warski

Bolshevism: Buran

Bootlegging (see also Prohibition): Buran, Celeste Boxing: Polansky

Boys & Girls Club: Boyd

Brock, Billy: Link

Broome County Airport: Macko

Broome County Treasurer: Chase

Broom Technical Community College: Macko

Canal: Brotzman

Castle Creek: Cole

Catholic Creek: Caganek

Chamerlain, Clarence: Link

Chenango Valley Medical Group: Smith

Chicago Fire: Tice

Children’s Activities: Isenburg

China Painting: Planck

Christmas: Isenburg

Christmas, Slovak: Caganek


St. Cyril & Methodius: Caganek

St. Marys: Shaughnessy

St. Marys (Kirkwood): Tice

St. Marys Assumption: Gallo

St. Michaels: Macko

Russian Orthodox: Perhach

Trinity M.E. Zion: Fawcett

Church Bells: Buran

Church Life: Bell

Cibulsky, Mike: Buran

Cider Mill: A. Cinotti

Cigar Factories: Goida, Gruss, Hanifin, Planck, Spisak, Shaughnessy

Citizenship Papers: Land

Clothing Factory Fire: Gruss

Clown: Bloomer

Coal Mining: Gruss, Warski

Cooking School, Radio: Burbank     

Corbettsville: Ayres

Cortland Airport: Link

Dairy Farming: Brotzman

Dancing (all phases): Goundrey

Dancing Classes: Land, Templeton

Davis, Ben: Brotzman

Davis Street & Family: Land

Depression: Boyd

Diamond Business: Rider

Disabled Veterans: Reese

Discrimination: Fawcett, Oldwine, Payne

Disease Control: Sargent

Doctor, Early: Kern

Dolls: Quick

Drowning of Little Girl: Ondrako

Druggist: Perhach

Earhart, Amelia: Link

Eastern Customs: Sedlak

Eastern Europeans: Buran

Ely, S. Mills: Jewell

Endicott: D. Cinotti, Levine, Tedeschi, Weaver

Endicott-Johnson Workers: A.Cinotti, Goida, Gruss, Levine, Sedlak, Spisak, Weaver

Extension Service: Bowers, Brotzman

Farm Bureau: Brotzman

Farm Life: Ayres, Brotzman, Cole, Fenson, Isenburg,Tice

Farm Machinery: Brotzman

Fire Engine Horses: Keeney

Fishing Hole: Alston

Floods: Caganek

Food Quality Control: Ayres

Football: McNamara

Funeral Parlor: Parsons

Gallo Family: Gallo, Kuryla

Games, Children: D. Cinotti

Garner, Earl: Stewart

Gas Station- Blittszen: Gallagher

Genealogy: Woodward

Girl Scout Council: Titchener

Girls Clubs: Boyd

Glass Blowing: Macko

Glove Factory: Sovik

Goodman, Benny: Stewart

Grange: Brotzman

Grocery Business: Kurlya, Tedeschi

Gypsies: Isenburg

Hawleyton: Bell

Health Clinics: Boyd

Health Officer: Sargent

Highway Superintendent: Cole

Historians: Woodward

Home Economics: Burbank

Hospitals: Benson, Burns

Hotchkiss Boarding House: Rider

Hotchkiss Family, Windsor: English

Hotchkiss, Jed: English

House Building: Maxian,Warski

Housing Authority: Titchener

Husking Bees: Isenburg

IBM: Spisak, Warski

Ice Man: Buran

Immigration: Buran, A&D Cinotti, Dryja, Harendza, Hladik, Kern, Kinnane, Levine, Macko, Riggins, Sedlak, Sovik, Tice,Warski

Immigration Marriages: Buran

Insurance Salesman: Sedlak

Irish: Tice

Italians: A. Cinotti, Gallo, Kuryla, Sedlak, Tedeschi

Jewelers: Levine, Rider

Jewish: Levine

Johnson City: Kern, McAvoy

Johnson, George F.: Levine, Sedlak

Junior League: Titchener

Kilmer, Willis Sharpe: Gruss, Hanifin

Kindergarten Teacher Training: Kern

Kress, Charles: Hanifin

Ku Klux Klan: Payne

Ladies Patronesses - Ladies of Charity: Planck

Lamp Lighter: Land

Languages: Levine, Sedlak

League of Women Voters: Titchener

Lebanese: Freije

Lestershire: Kern, Weaver

Lighting: Land

Lincoln Hotel: Macko

Lincoln Avenue: Land

Lindberg, Charles: Link

Link Aviation: Johnson, Link

Lions Club: Benson

Lowell Business School: Jewell

Market Gardening: Brotzman

Masonic- Member: Levine

Medicine: Benson, Burns, Ross, Sargent, Smith

Medicine - Comparison of Old & New: Sargent

Medicine - SUNY Clinical Campus: Smith

Mexicans: Smith

Milk Delivery: Dryja

Motorcycles: Jewell

Moving Business: Payne

Music - Dixie Jazz: Alston

Vocal & Organ: Harendza

Accordion & Harmonica: Maxian

Bass Violin: Stewart

National Guard: Celeste

Navy Commander: Macko

Nursing Profession: Bower, Keeney, Shaughnessy

Paper Mill: Warksi

Pasteurized Milk: Jewell

Peat Bog: Isenburg

Pediatrician: Burns

Penicillin & Sulfa: Smith, Burns

Pennsylvania Dutch: Keeney

Pentecost (troitsa) Custom: Fenson

Photography: Alston

Pickle Factory: Jewell

Pine Street Life: Hanifin

Poetry: Bell

Police Chief & Police Life: Hanifin

Polio: Smith

Polish: Dryja

Politics: Macko,Tedeschi,Titchener

Press Building: kuryla

Prices: Land

Privy, Outdoor: Keeney

Produce: Keeney

Prohibition (see also bootlegging): Hanafin

Public Health: Bower

Quick, Tom: Quick

Radio - WNBF: Burbank

Rando, Joe: Buran

Religious Faith: Spisak

Religious Shop/Frames: Riggins

Recreation Park: Land

Restaurants: Buran, Celeste

Rockettes: Goundrey

Ross, Dr. Mary: Gruss

Ross Park: Land

Russians: Buran, Warski

Russian Jews: Levine

Ryznar, Peter: Dryja

Santa Clause: Bloomer

Saratoga Terrace Apartment: Titchener

Schemling, Max: Polansky

School Director: Smith

Schools, Chenango Valley: Bower

School, Oak Street: Jewell

Schools: Isenburg, Cole, Land

Schools, Catholic: Caganek

Sewers in Binghamton: McNamara

Sharkey, Jack: Polansky

Shoe Salesman: Sedlak

Sheppe, Joe: Polansky

Shrines: Benson

Slovaks: Caganek, Harendza, Macko

Smith, Margaret Chase: Titchener

Social Services: Oldwine

State Hospital, Volunteer Entertainment: Templeton

Steamship Agency: Kuryla

Stewart, “Slam”: Stewart

Stickley Furniture: Hanifin, Stewart

Stone Work: Kuryla, Gallo

Supreme Court Library: Chase

Taxes: Brotzman

Taxes, preparation of: Jewell

Teaching school: Kern, Isenburg, Parsons, Quick

Telephones: Kinnane

Thorpe, Jim: Polansky

Tobacco Farm: Brotzman

Tourist Home: Borsuk

Traveling: Sovik

Traveling Salesman: Rider

Trolley Cars: Land

Trucking Business: Payne

Tuberculosis: Borsuk, Shaughnessy

Ukraine: Buran

Underground Railroad: Fawcett

Union Center: Woodward

Veterinarian:  Ayres

Vitanza, Dr.: Burns

Walker, Mickey: Polansky

Watchmaker: Levine, Rider

Welfare: Borsuk, Boyd, Burns

Women in Business: Fenson, Freije

Women in Medicine: Smith

Women in Politics: Elwood, Titchener

World War I Work: Kern

World War II Bomber: Titchener
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